Courses + Workshops


Mindful Self-Care for Caregivers

Mindful Self-Care for Caregivers is designed for parents, teachers, and health care providers who care deeply for others yet often find themselves overwhelmed and burnt out by the demands of their roles. If you've tried all the traditional self-care tools — time for self, relaxation, and social support — but still struggle with caregiver fatigue, this course will provide you with evidence-based approaches to support yourself and those you care for in sustainable ways.

The Program

This 4-week course (four 90-minute sessions online or in-house) is a unique blend of neuroscience, psychology, and mindfulness-based practices. In a supportive environment, we will explore how we habitually respond when difficult situations arise and learn proven techniques for meeting ourselves in these moments with mindfulness and compassion. 

By the end of this course you will be able to: 

  • understand the science of stress, burnout, and mindful compassion

  • motivate yourself with kindness rather than criticism

  • handle difficult emotions with greater calm and ease

  • work more confidently with challenging relationships

  • cultivate the skills of mindfulness in your everyday life


*Previous mindfulness experience is *not* required to participate in this course

Mindful Resilience for High Conflict Divorce

Mindful Resilience for High Conflict Divorce is designed for individual parents who, at any point during the divorce process, are struggling to co-parent with an intense former spouse. Excessive blame, verbal attacks, and uncontrolled emotions are likely wearing you down, and causing a lot of angst about the future. You may even be questioning your own common sense. If this rings true for you, this course will give you the strategies and tools you need to develop a greater sense of calm, resiliency, and agency in dealing with this situation in skillful ways.

The Program

This 6-week online course (six 1 hour sessions) will give you:

  • an understanding of the psychology of intensity + stress and how it hooks you into emotional overwhelm

  • strategies and techniques for dealing with a co-parent's intensity in skillful ways

  • mindfulness-based practices for managing your own anger and difficult emotions

  • resiliency skills that you can model and teach your children

  • self-care tools for healing, managing sensitivity, and setting healthy boundaries

  • ways to find a level peace even when you can't change the other person



Mindfulness for
Gifted People

~ Registration for January 2019 is open! ~



  • Understanding mindfulness within the context of the gifted brain

  • (Re)discovering intimacy with and authenticity of the gifted self

  • Cultivating positive mind states that foster creativity, flow and intuition

  • Learning the basics of somatic experiencing and meeting one’s gifted self with kindness

  • Working skillfully with difficult feelings common to gifted people

  • Cultivating compassion for the self and sustainable compassion for others

Also included 


  • 3 months free access to the Gifted Mindfulness Collective online practice community (includes brief daily meditations to support your practice, live community gatherings with gifted peers, and discussion forum)

  • Personalized coaching + support between sessions

  • Access to guided audio practices both during and following the course



  • 550 USD


*Previous mindfulness experience is not required to participate.


This course is part of the Gifted Mindfulness Collective project with InterGifted.  It is designed for gifted adults who are ready to learn to connect with themselves authentically and support their intensities skillfully through the practice of mindfulness. As a gifted person, your mind is often very busy with many simultaneous ideas, intense emotions, and questions to answer. You'd love some tools to manage your intensity and complexity, but you've found traditional approaches to mindfulness haven't fully met your unique needs. This course will give you gifted-specific support and tools to better handle your unique challenges, help you develop the foundation for a personal practice, as well as cultivate a new relationship with your gifted self. Think of it as “Gifted Self-Care 2.0”!

The Program

This is a 6-week online course (six 90-minute sessions; dates + times to be determined with participants). Sessions include thematic discussions, experiential exercises, a variety of guided mindfulness practices, and homework assignments (to support your practice between sessions).


"One of THE best courses I've attended!

If you get the chance to attend or work with Kelly, DO IT!! You won't be disappointed."


Building Resilience for
Sustainable Care

Building Resilience for Sustainable Care is designed for organizations whose caring professionals (teachers, health care providers, support workers) are supporting others under high demands and experiencing stress and burnout. As an administrator, you want to support your people and the good work they are doing, yet haven't found an approach that is sustainable. This workshop will give your staff practical theory and tools to deepen their self-care and their capacity to support themselves in the presence of emotional difficulties. This inner capacity not only enhances their well-being and prevents overwhelm and burnout, but also enables them to care for others in deeper, more sustainable ways. 

The Program

This is a half- or full-day in-house workshop that is customizable to the needs of your organization. 

Through reflection, group discussion, and experiential exercises, caring professionals will discover:

  • a framework for understanding the science of stress and resilience

  • habitual thoughts, feelings, and actions that contribute to stress and overwhelm

  • tools and strategies for building resilience and regaining calm in difficult situations

  • mindful self-care techniques that support and comfort rather than critique and overwhelm 

  • how to develop a presence that is both resilient and transformative



"I have done many, many trainings over the years, and until today, until this training, the focus has always been on 'them' ... how can I support the other person. And for the first time, I got to focus on ME and what I can do for myself so I can better support others. This has made a big impact on me."