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Personal Sessions

I offer 1:1 coaching, mentoring and consulting sessions online via zoom. Working together often begins in one of these focus areas but can blend or shift into other areas over time. Sessions can be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or as-needed depending on your needs. We determine this together.

My rate is $150 per session which is usually 60 minutes. If we agree to longer session times, the rate is hourly with the exception of 90-minute Discovery Sessions which are $200.

Gifted/2e Discovery & Integration

For adults (17+) who have been identified or suspect they are gifted or twice-exceptional (2e), personal sessions support you in understanding your unique constellations of traits, identifying & integrating aspects of your self that have been repressed or denied, and learning to support your intensity and complexity — especially in relationships & everyday life situations. I use a holistic model of giftedness that looks at embodied, emotional, sensual, imaginal, existential and intuitive intelligences as well as mental intelligence for understanding and embracing your wholeness of being.


Embodied Depth Work

For adults who have been engaged in growth and discovery work for some time yet still feel drawn to go deeper into their process. Yet-to-be-accessed parts of the self can feel like "something underground" or a longing still waiting to be realized. Embodied depth work involves tapping into your innate wisdom through dialogue, mindful imagination, listening to the body, dream tending and witnessing your own story. This process can be particularly helpful for moving through transitions and stuck points in one's life as it initiates a transformation where more creative, authentic aspects of yourself can emerge with more life-forward energy. 



For adults who are not in need of coaching support, but would benefit from a co-creative relationship to explore ideas and receive guidance with the depth and complexity they need for moving in a new life direction, integrating a new process into their personal growth, or branching into a new aspect of their work. Mentoring often arises organically in coaching yet can be engaged in as a separate process as well. Mentoring is short term work that tends to take place on an as-needed basis. 


Parent & Professional Consultations

For parents and professionals who are struggling to navigate intensity and complexity at home, at school or in the consulting room, consultations can support you in better understanding the needs and inner experience of a divergent loved one or client as well as skillful, compassionate ways to support them (and yourself). Consultations can also include discussions with parents on how to work with teachers and other support professionals in understanding your child's needs, and most importantly, how to support your child in advocating for their own needs in everyday life.   


Discovery Session

If you're unsure about what support you might need or where to begin, I offer 60 or 90 minute sessions where you can share your story in a safe, compassionate space and we can explore together how to best move forward. Discovery sessions are often transformative in and of themselves and offer a sense of relief in being understood and hope for moving forward in a new way.

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Get in Touch

I understand the uncertainty and worry in reaching out for support when you have divergent needs. I share some logistical information on the FAQs page, however, if you have additional questions, or are ready to schedule a session, please get in touch with me here.

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