Support for the intense, gifted & sensitive

...and the people who love them

Living well with intensity is possible.

Whether it's in the family room, classroom, boardroom, or beyond, unmanaged intensity and overwhelm do not have to hijack your life.

When I say "unmanaged intensity," I'm referring to that overwhelming too-muchness that hijacks our best intentions and keeps us stuck in places we don't want to be. 

Maybe you're a parent overwhelmed with an intense child and family conflict or a divorced individual struggling to co-parent with an intense ex. 

Or perhaps you're a gifted or twice-/multi-exceptional person who wrestles with non-stop thinking, intense feeling, and an urgent drive towards something more. 

However unmanaged intensity is showing up for you, my guess is you're overwhelmed ... and misunderstood. And you just want to find some peace so you can get on with the life you know deep down you're meant to live. I get it. I've been there.   

The good news is:

Life with intensity can be rich + meaningful.

You can learn how to support + regulate intense inner experience, honor sensitivity,

and channel intensity in constructive, authentic ways.



Hi, I'm Kelly.

I've been supporting people struggling with intensity and overwhelm  including myself and my family — for almost two decades. I'm a coach and meditation practitioner and teacher with a PhD in neuropsychology . . . and personal expertise in the three outs of intensity: burnout, bumout, and freakout.

The truth I've learned about managing intensity is that we must be able to support ourselves and our inner experience in order to live, love, and lead in sustainable ways. 

Knowing this truth, my goal is simple: to help you understand intensity and learn practical tools for transforming it in ways that will allow you to live with more calm, clarity, creativity, compassion, and most importantly ... happiness.


You can learn more about me and my journey with intensity here and on my blog. And if you scroll down, you can learn more about the ways I help people understand and transform intensity in their lives. 


I'm glad you're here. I hope I can offer you something that helps you on your journey.   


How can I help?

"You don't have to see the whole staircase,

just take the first step."

―Martin Luther King, Jr.

Get support online or via phone.

I offer parent coaching for families struggling with intensity, coaching for high conflict divorce, and gifted coaching and consulting for children, teens and adults who are navigating life with giftedness. With online/phone coaching, we can work together from just about anywhere.
GiftedMindfulnessCollective (1)_edited.p

Learn how to support your gifted self with mindfulness.

The Gifted Mindfulness Collective is my partner project with InterGifted. It is an online mindfulness center for gifted people who want to develop and practice gifted-specific mindfulness tools to support their unique needs.

[Mindfulness for Gifted People] revived dormant aspects of myself that I now know need attention, and I feel better equipped to give that attention thanks to the tools I learned from Kelly. Thank you very much for offering this important work to gifted people. It is a huge relief to have self-development opportunities that are tailored for me!


Practicing this gentleness with myself led to the best day I've had in years.


Read my article on

Sustainable Intensity + Self-Compassion

As featured in Third Factor Magazine

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