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Join an international community of intense minds, sensitive hearts + curious seekers exploring mindfulness. Together.

In 2019, I partnered with InterGifted to create the Gifted Mindfulness Collective: an online community and series of mindfulness-based courses, mentorship, and resources to support gifted/2e adults & women in gaining insight into and transforming their unique inner experience via mindfulness. Learn more about us and our courses & community at, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram at @giftedmindfulness 

Curious about the applications of mindfulness for gifted + 2e people? 

Here are some resources to get started...

Gifted Mindfulness: Up Close + Personal

Kelly sits down with gifted coach and founding director of InterGifted, Jennifer Harvey Sallin, to chat about our personal journeys with mindfulness, common gifted experiences + challenges, and the launch of the Gifted Mindfulness Collective.

On the Emergence of Mindfulness x Giftedness

In this article, Kelly shows how robust mindfulness offers gifted people valuable tools for addressing their challenges and supporting themselves on the gifted development journey...

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